The Ecleris Range of Products

Ecleris was founded in 2001 with the purpose of developing high-quality medical equipment at a fair price. We cover the global market through a wide distributor network that distributes our products in more than 60 countries.


Alquimia is a highly innovative treatment that allows a wide range of nutrient carriers and nutrients to be applied during cleaning and hydrating with diamond tips.

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Comfortable applicator with 64 micro-electrode points of contact with the skin for fractional damage leaving surrounding tissue unaffected for quick healing and recovery.

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Micro Dermobrasion

The Minivac Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion uses no crystals or powder! It removes dead skin cells, aids in product penetration as well as gives your skin a smoother and brighter look. The Minivac Diamond Tip system results in a soft, precise, uniform and safe skin exfoliation with minimum maintenance required. Portable and compact.

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Vascular Thermo Coagulator

Introducing a new technology for the treatment of telangiectasias, rosacea, erythema and ruby points.

The equipment consists on a main impulse-generator radio-frequency unit that drives impulses through ultra-fine, insulated needles to the desired location. Therefore, a highly accurate amount of energy is delivered to the exact place, producing a thermal injury which results in the effective thermo-coagulation of the blood vessel, not damaging surrounding tissues.

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Service is an attitude that extends throughout our Radiant company.

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